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Operation Theatres

Lifeline Hospital has fully equipped, globally standardized operating rooms available around the clock for all major surgeries. We provide adequate bedded holding areas for pre and post-operative patients as well as recovery beds with complete ventilator care monitoring for post-operative patients. The equipment includes the latest autoclave, anesthesia machines, C-arm image intensifier, recovery room, etc

The operating rooms of Lifeline Hospital are specialized hospital-grade facilities intended to provide optimal conditions for complex surgical procedures. These highly sterile environments feature air filtration systems and negative pressure ventilation that can help prevent airborne contaminants from entering the operating room. Lifeline's sterile ORs are meticulously maintained with routine sterilization of all items and surfaces, as well as frequent deep cleaning.

Monitoring equipment such as EKG machines and anesthesia monitors are used to keep a close watch on both the patient and the procedure. In addition, our staff members in the operating room undergo training in infection control protocols to ensure proper safety precautions are taken throughout each operation.

Medical Services Provided Include

  • Inpatient surgery
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Specialty surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is insurance accepted at Lifeline Hospital?

    Yes, insurance is accepted at Lifeline Hospital.

  • What are the wait times for emergency services?

    There is no wait. We offer immediate emergency response.

  • What is the OPD fee?

    OPD fees vary according to the Specialists and their services.

  • Is the Emergency Room open 24/7?

    Yes, we have a 24 hour emergency open 7 days a week.

  • What are the emergency services offered by the Lifeline Hospital?

    Lifeline hospital offers 24 hours emergency, laboratory and pharmacy.

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