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Labor Room

Labor rooms located in the maternity ward of Lifeline Hospital, provide spaces where women can go through labor safely and comfortably. The room is fully equipped with medical equipment to monitor the patient's progress, fetal heart rate, and other vital signs, along with comfortable seating for family members and support staff. In addition to the physical environment of the room, Lifeline's labor rooms are designed to be relaxed and peaceful; offering natural light, low-level lighting, aromatherapy scents, gentle colors on walls, and furnishings to provide calming visuals. With all these elements combined, it helps create a positive labor environment for both birthing women and their families alike by increasing relaxation and aiding in relaxation which can help reduce pain levels during labor.

Whether it is a planned or unplanned vaginal delivery, our LR is well-stocked with all the tools needed for a comfortable delivery. Our consultants constantly oversee our doctors, staff members, and midwives as they respond to all kinds of gynecological and obstetrical crises.

Medical Services Provided Include

  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Services
  • Special Care Nursery Room
  • Family Centered Care Unit
  • Labor & Delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is insurance accepted at Lifeline Hospital?

    Yes, insurance is accepted at Lifeline Hospital.

  • What are the wait times for emergency services?

    There is no wait. We offer immediate emergency response.

  • What is the OPD fee?

    OPD fees vary according to the Specialists and their services.

  • Is the Emergency Room open 24/7?

    Yes, we have a 24 hour emergency open 7 days a week.

  • What are the emergency services offered by the Lifeline Hospital?

    Lifeline hospital offers 24 hours emergency, laboratory and pharmacy.

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